Never Forget Passwords Again

Never Forget Passwords Again
No Paid Software Needed.
Nothing To Write Down.

The End To All Password Problems

A Surprising Strategy That Will Work For You

No software needed. Nothing to write down.

If you think right now that is impossible to remember your passwords, yet alone 400 different passwords within seconds, then you are not alone. 

What Is Holding You Back?

Your brand new start how you create and always remember passwords

You are invited to participate in the free survey which is the beginning of the course. 

Discover and learn what you might have overlooked so far and how you can protect and defend your online security and privacy, starting today.

What's Inside?

What To Expect


  • Enjoy This Early-Bird-Access FREE PREVIEW
  • Without Fun There Is No Success: Your I-Lost-My-Password-Face FREE PREVIEW
  • Complete the course & Win A T-Shirt! FREE PREVIEW
  • Let's Get Started FREE PREVIEW

Your Real Level Of Password Danger


  • Face Your Password Reality FREE PREVIEW
  • Those Damn Passwords: The Painful Questions FREE PREVIEW
  • The Password Survey - It Is Worse Than You Think FREE PREVIEW
  • Let's Get Started: Your Online Privacy Is At Stake FREE PREVIEW
  • Do You Expose Your Private Data Like This? FREE PREVIEW
  • The Biggest Danger: Your Email Access FREE PREVIEW
  • Must-Do Action Step: Get 2-Step-Authentication FREE PREVIEW
  • Has Your Email Been Hacked?
  • Your Email Self-Check
  • The best way to protect you against hackers...
  • Further Reading: How Hackers Get Your Information
  • Shocking Question: Your Password Age

Your Independence Of Tools


  • The Social Media Login Problem
  • The Password Manager Problem
  • The most troubling Password Manager Danger
  • Has Your Password Manager Been Hacked?
  • The Silly Offline Tools
  • Writing Down Passwords Is For Losers - Of Passwords That Is
  • The Only Password Manager That I Still Use If I Really Have To
  • Now it is time...
  • Quiz: Password Managers
  • The Smart Offline Password Manager

Your Brain Is The Key


  • The Stress Wipe Out: Your Brain Chemistry
  • An Untrained Brain Is The Enemy
  • How To Exercise Your Brain In A Fun Way. Daily. Just A Few Minutes.
  • Required Action-Step: Play Some Games Now!
  • Your brain is better than you think it is
  • Further Reading: How Your Brainpower Is In Your Hand

Your Fail-Proof Password Strategy


  • Are You Using Any Of Those Passwords?
  • How Not To Do It: 500 Most Used & Hacked Passwords Online
  • Password Essentials: Must-Have
  • How secure is your password?
  • How Not To Do It: Top 10,000 Hacked Passwords & Even More: 10 Million Passwords
  • BrainTemplates (tm) : The Recipe Approach
  • Your Workshop: Let's Create Your First Brain Template
  • Your Workshop: Decide On A Password Flavor
  • Your Workshop: Create 400 Different Passwords Within Seconds
  • Never Write Down Any Passwords Nor Templates
  • Private Coaching Session?

Special Cases & Extra Tips

  • When Your Password Is Too Long For A Website
  • When You Need To Share Your Passwords
  • Further Reading: Even More Fun Ways To Remember Passwords

Your Privacy Trinity

  • The Smart Offline Password Manager Revealed
  • Your Privacy Trinity: Multiple Authentication

Your New Password Life


  • Congrats!
  • Your New Password Life Has Begun!
  • Help Others & Yourself

About Your Instructor

Semmy @

Semmy @

Strategic Internet Enthusiast

A true Internet Native (Online since the early 90s when others did not even know what the Internet is...) Semmy started to teach thousands of offline students with his own coaching company in Germany back then from 1992 to 1999 and after taking a break from teaching for almost a decade diving back into teaching, this time combining live events and interactive online training, both in real time and video-training-courses on demand. 

Semmy is mostly known for his entertainment style of teaching. (Yes, he even has an IMDB acting credit to his name, due to some short work in TV/Movies as comedic character). He is a fully published book author and quite a quirky character. Similarities to Sheldon Cooper might come to mind. We know you enjoy the show while learning something of great value!

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